Snapchat Pro APK 12 Latest Version

by SamMods
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SnapchatPro mod its based on the Snapchat. SnapchatPro is modification Of  orignal Snap. That make the whole the app Antiban.and this mod Made by Sam Mods. this is the best  Snapchat for who was bored with Officail and others Modded Snapchat.

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Snapchatpro has many features which normal Snapchat may not. It has privacy and customization which is not like any other Snapchat . Snapchat have applock feature also profile zoom feature  and don't know what are the features

 The main features of SnapchatPro)
   🛡 Privacy Features
  • Auto-save Snaps
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide view Snap!
  • Hide read message
  • Hide Online in Chat
  • Secret typing... ( Don't Notify Sender ).
  • Hide typing Indicator in Chat
  • Secret Screenshot
  • Secret Screen record

What’s New in SnapchatPro

This is the latest version of Snapchatpro v12 A lot of new features have been added this May and a lot of bugs have been fixed that the previous version may have. this version is a little better.. and have quite stable versions and Performance is also good of this version

Changelog of SnapchatPro v12
  • Version 12:
  • 🔖 Base Update 
  • 🛠 [Fixed] Fixed Minor bugs
  • Version 11:
  • 🔖 Base Update 
  •  📱 iOS Emojis option 🙂Use the iOS Emojis when writing text on a new snap!
  • 🔥 📱 iOS Font option📝
  • 🛠 [Fixed] Fixed Minor bugs
  • Version 10:
  1. 🔖 Base Update
  2. 🛠 [Fixed] Snaps saved automatically when forward
  3. 🛠 [Fixed] Spotlight downloaded automatically when forward to friends
  • Version 9.0:
  1. 🔥👀Half-swipe (Peek) alert! 👀😈
  2. You will get a notification when someone swipes half the chat to see the messages🔔
  3. 🛠 Fixed Saved Snaps sometimes not shown in gallery on some phones
  4. 🛠 Other Fixes & Improvements
  • Version 8.0:
  1. 🆕 Mark Snap as Opened 👁
  2. You can now decide to make snaps show as 'opened' by clicking the eye icon. (Only when "Hide View Snap" is enabled)
  3. 🛠 Other Fixes & Improvements
  • Version 7.0:
  1. ⏳Streak Expiry details
  2. See the remaining time for the streak to expire exactly 🕐
  3. 🛠 Other Fixes & Improvements
  • Version 6.0:
  1. 🔖 Base: (Latest Playstore)
  2. 🆕 Custom App Icon 👻 
  3. You can change Snap icon look on the home screen
  4. 😀🕹Fake Location Changer
  5. 🔥Change your location on snap map😀
  6. 🌗 100% Full Dark Mode option (App Appearance)🏴
  • Version 5.0:
  1. 🟡 Base: (Latest Playstore)
  2. 🔧✅Fixed: Logout/Login issue
  3. 🔧✅ Fixed: Multi-account login problem 
  4. 🔧 Bug fixes and improvements
  • Version 4.0:
  1. 🗺🕹 Location Changer
  2. 🔥 Change your location on snap map📍
  3. 🏴 Night Mode option beta 2 (99% of UI)🌓
  4. ⬇️Saving snaps show toast notification 
  5. 🔧 More fixes and improvements
  • Version 3.0:
  1. 🟡 Base:  (Latest Playstore)
  2. 🏴 Night Mode option beta (90% of UI - cant do more now)
  3. ♾ View snaps and story for unlimited time ⏳
  4. ⬇️ Download option for Snaps
  5. ⬇️Download option for Stories
  6. ⬇️ Download option for Discover
  7. ⬇️Download option for Spotlight 
  8. 🔧 Annoying Gservices notification

  9. 🛡 Privacy Features
  10. 💥 Secret Screenshot without knowing 🥶📸 
  11. 💥 Anti Screen Record without knowing 🥶 📹
  12. 🔘 Hide View Snap 🥷 
  13. 🔘 Hide View Story 🙈
  14. 🔘 Hide Read Messages 👻 
  15. 🔘 Hide Online in chat 🔵
  16. 🔘 Hide Typing...💬 in chat
  17. 🔘 Secret Typing (don't notify person before sending messages) 🥷
  • Version 2.0:
  1. Base Updated (
  3. Exclusive - Secret Save to Camera Roll (Enable / Disable) option
  4. Added - New Settings UI
  5. Added - Video Length Limit Increased to Unlimited (Enable / Disable) option
  6. Added - Disable Camera (Enable / Disable) option - (Prevents from Accidental Touch and Improves Performance and Startup Time.)
  7. Fixed minor bugs
  8. Improved performance
  • Version 1.0:
  1. Video Length Limit Increased to Unlimited (Removes the Video Time Limit restrictions when sending videos from the gallery in Chat.) 📹
  2. ♾ Privacy features ♾
  3. 💥 Secret Screenshot without knowing 🥶📸 
  4. 💥 Anti Screen Record without knowing 🥶 📹
  5. 🔘 Hide View Snap 🥷 
  6. 🔘 Hide View Story 🙈
  7. 🔘 Hide Read Messages 👻 
  8. 🔘 Hide Online in chat 🔵
  9. 🔘 Hide Typing...💬 in chat
  10. 🔘 Secret Typing (don't notify person before sending messages) 🥷

How To Install SnapchatPro

  1. Download Laatest SnapchatPro Apk
  2. Unistall Old Version
  3. Install Latest SnapchatPro Apk

Mod Info

MOD NameSnapchatPro
Android Vr4.4.2 UP
File TypeAPK
Download Size45MB


  1. Hello
    1. Hello
    2. Login but if log out can't log in back
    3. Sercet save camera roll feature bro?
    4. Hey sam mods why when I go to the snapchat map and click on a random snap on the map it says couldn't find any snaps? This also been on previous versions.
    5. Hey sam mods please add cameos feature as original snapchat have this feature please...
  2. Helo
  3. Account get disabled plzz fix it
  4. I am unable to log in with my account. Its showing that logging into my account has been temporary disabled.
  5. This features would be awesome

    ❖Fake snap Sender (sending pictures or videos from gallery as snap)
    ❖Spoof location
    ❖ Name changer
    1. oh yes I totally agree with the fake snap and darkmode, spoof location is doable but idk about name changer, it would probably be client side only
    2. Would love these features.
    3. sending pictures or videos from gallery as snap is already available by default
  6. Need update WhatsApp Business
  7. add dark mode feature.
  8. And pls increase the multi snap feature
  9. It is asking for permission for camera and I can't allow it
  10. This doesnt work: Added: Hide Read Messages

    This one also doesnt work: Added: Hide Read Messages

    Im not sure about this one if it works: Added: Video Length Limit Increased to
    Unlimited (Removes the Video Time Limit
    restrictions when sending videos from the gallery
    in Chat.)

    This doesnt work or is because i dont where to enable it: Exclusive: Secret Save to Camera Roll (Enable /
    Disable) option

    And also i dont know where to Enable/Disable the options
    1. Ok so i found where to Enable/Disable them but ill try them again and leave a comment again what works and doesn't work for me maybe is the device who knows anyway thnx a lot for modding it. 🖤
  11. Need dark mode
  12. Where to find mod features, can't find, please assist?
    1. I just got to see it, thanks!
    2. Where are the Pro Settings?
  13. Hey. Can you guys please add a feature that I can send a pre-existing picture or video from my device as a snap instead and the other person doesn't get to know that it was an old picture?
  14. Is ɪᴛ ᴘᴏssɪʙʟᴇ ᴡᴇ ᴄᴀɴ sᴇᴇ ᴍᴇssᴀɢᴇ ɪɴ ɴᴏᴛɪғɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ ʀᴇᴘʟʏ ғʀᴏᴍ ɴᴏᴛɪғɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴ
  15. Hey, in 3.0 download option didn't work, and not sure about others features. Anyway thanks for this mod.
    1. Same
  16. Add replay snap unlimited time without send the message of snap was replayed
  17. Snapchat + features would be great like chat wallpaper or my ai
  18. Secret save to camera roll is not available in this update
  19. how to open snapchat pro settings?
  20. Auto save snap to gallery is not working ?
    Please solve it 🙏 please
  21. And the download option for story doesnt work + u cant even reply to the person
    1. And somehow after deleting the data it works 🙂 i hate these things 😂
  22. Hey Bro could you add a Feature please where we can send Images and Videos from the Galery as normal Snaps?
    So the people who get the snaps think its a real snap, but it's from Galery

    This was an Snapchat++ Feature on iOS, when it was avaible
  23. How about streak recovery
  24. Videos are not loaded
  25. Uninstall the app and log in aagain
  26. sam save snaps ka option enable krdo icon mt rhko bohot problem hoti h....
  27. Found any solution?
  28. How to check the downloaded videos or photos?.
    It is not showing in gallery.
    1. reset your phone and will see in gallary
  29. Hide save to camera or secret save to camera
  30. Download button is not working
  31. Recovery features would be nice like streak recover, deleted message recovery and deleted photo recovery
  32. I got banned, thank god it was an alt...
  33. I am unable to save snap, it says snap saved or downloaded but it can't be seen in gallery. Please help me fix this.
  34. It is not that good v3 was better tho
    Problems- night mod not working and many more
    When did v5 will come?
  35. Where i can find the Pro Settings??
    1. Shield like icon on top right in chats section
  36. How change my loction ? Anyone can help me
  37. Download snaps doesn't work
  38. Why isn't it installing in my phone?
  39. Please give snap premium membership contents also in next update
  40. zaxoi
  41. pls we want ios font and emojis 🙏
  42. Bro where is unlimited snap time in latest version of Snapchat pro
  43. Snapchat plus feature unlocked and unlimered snapscore only
  44. Hi sam
  45. The app icon is not changing
  46. i like the 7.0 update but Can you add the option to hide a deleted message in chat in update 8.0, it would be nice to get it
  47. Please add cameos feature in next update
  48. If photos or videos not shown in gallery ,then go to files, scroll down , find pictures option, it shows snapchat , tap on snapchat option .You find your photos. You can also move into other folder of your files then you can see photos also in gallery .
  49. Hi, I can't install it because it says package appears to be invalid, pls fix
  50. Yeah same i can't login anymore😭😭😭😭
  51. Snapchat is not working anymore 😭
  52. Not able to login in snapchat mod after new update of official snapchat
  53. I can't change the emoji background. Why don't you have a newer Snapchat emoji iPhone version? I want this version. Please add the iPhone emoji to the version
  54. Where is the link to download the application?
  55. How to send fake snap
  56. Nice update, thanks.
  57. Please please please iOS emojis
  58. Bro is this save to use mood apn
  59. Why my friends can't see my snapchat+ badge
  60. Update is awesome, keep up the great work!
  61. اريد خط الايفون ف الاصدار، لا يوجد لا خط الايفون ولا الايموجي لماذااااا؟!.
  62. Getting error report when coming in conversation tab unable to fix in android
    1. Same
  63. Getting error when opening coversation screen
    1. Same here
  64. Crash when open chat section
  65. Hi sam,
    Kindly find solve for the snapchat v.10 it keeping Crash when open chat section.

    Thank you.
  66. Sir, chat is not opening in Snapchat, please give some solution.
  67. Chat not open
  68. Hey plz add boomerang it will be a good feature thanks
  69. Android snapchat users needs boomerang so please kindly add the boomerang feature thanks🥰
  70. Anyone having issue in opening chat make app to crash download from link 2
  71. When I try to install, it only says update, even thought I dont have the apk installed, any advice
  72. There's not snap+ on this apk, you must add it !
  73. Hi sam bro i need 3.0 i didn't find it
  74. Thunder 5.0 pliz dud
  75. Bro mod is awesome but there are some minor bugs just like not showing snaps and dark mode is not on when I click on dark mod and app crashed
  76. Meko install option is not available please help me it has been trying for 3 days please help me in mods
  77. My gallery is lost 🥲😭😭😭Now how I will recover!!!!!!!!!! Bcoz of downloading this shit snappro