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by SamMods
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Snapchat Thunder has Unique features with Best performance which Normal Snapchat doesn't have these features. It has features like Privacy and much more.

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Snapchat Thunder has Unique features with Best performance which Normal Snapchat doesn't have these features. It has features like Privacy, Download Snaps, Stories and much more.

 The main features of SnapchatThunder)
   🛡 Privacy Features
  • Download Snaps, Stories, Discover, Spotlight
  • Hide View Story
  • Hide view Snap!
  • Hide read message
  • Hide Online in Chat
  • Secret typing... ( Don't Notify Sender ).
  • Hide typing Indicator in Chat
  • Secret Screenshot
  • Secret Screen record

What’s New in Snapchat Thunder

This is the latest version of Snapchat Thunder  A lot of new features have been added this May and a lot of bugs have been fixed that the previous version may have. this version is a little better.. and have quite stable versions and Performance is also good of this version

  • Version 8.0:
    1.  Base:
    2.     (Exclusive) Snapchat+ - Chat editing (Edit Chats as many times as you like up to 5 minutes after sending.) 
    3.     (Exclusive) Snapchat+ - Story view notifications (Know when a Friend views your Story!)
    4.     (Exclusive) Snapchat+ - Show pet in Chats (Make your pet visible wherever you are!)
    5.     (Fixed) Some minor bugs
  • Version 7.0:
    1. Super Exclusive - NEW PRIVACY - Hide Messages
    2. Super Exclusive  NEW PRIVACY - Bypass Message Restrictions
    3. Base -

  • Version 6.0:
  1. Fixed- Log in
  2. Fixed - Force Close

  • Version 5.0:
  1. Base -
  2. Super Exclusive -NEW PRIVACY - Anti-Half Swipe Notifier
  3. Enabled Snapstreak Restore (Snapchat+
  4. Enabled Snapstreak Reminders (Snapchat+)
  5. Enabled Custom story expiry (Snapchat+)
  6. Enabled Peek a peek (Snapchat+)

  • Version 4.0:
  1. Base -
  2. Super Exclusive -Auto Save Messages
  3. Super Exclusive - Chat Lock (Lock Specific Person)
  • Version 3.10:
  1. Base -
  2. Exclusive -Snapchat+ for free Lifetime
  3. Exclusive- Hide Media from gallery
  4. Fix- Dark Mode
  • Version 2.0:
  1. Base -
  2. Exclusive -Dark Mode
  3.     Fix- Fixed some minor bug

Changelog of SnapchatThunder v1.0
  • Version 1.0:
  1. Base -
  2. Exclusive - Download Snaps, Stories, Discover, Spotlight
  3.     Exclusive - Unlimited Snap / Story Duration
  4.     Exclusive - Secret Save to Camera Roll
  5.     Exclusive - Secret Screenshot Without Knowing Sender
  6.     Exclusive - Secret Screen Record Without Knowing Sender
  7.     Added - Hide Typing... indicator in Chat (Don't notify sender that you're typing) 
  8.     Added - Hide Online in Chat 
  9.     Added - Hide View Snap 
  10.     Added - Hide View Story 
  11.     Added - Hide Read Messages 
  12.     Added - Snap Video Limit Extended to Unlimited (Removes the Video Limit restrictions when sending videos from the gallery in Chat.)
  13.     Added - Disable Camera - (Prevents from Accidental Touch and Improves Performance and Startup Time.)

How To Install SnapchatThunder

  1. Download Laatest Snapchat Thunder Apk
  2. Unistall Old Version
  3. Install Latest SnapchatPro Apk

Mod Info

MOD NameSnapchatThunder
Android Vr4.4.2 UP
File TypeAPK
Download Size100MB


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